We make cement plants and run them for you worldwide...

Operation Solutions

Result is more efficiently running plant in the hands of experts...

We have been operating cement terminals and grinding plants

for cement production since 2010 by our technical staff.

Turkey has a well-developed cement sector with an annual capacity of about 110 million ton and is one of the leading cement/clinker exporter countries worldwide. In addition, all European regulations for cement factory operation and European Norms for cement quality apply in the sector legally. This could only be achieved on the shoulders of well-educated and well–experienced work force / brain power. We refine, organize suitable task forces composed of managers, engineers and technicians for plant operation and then manage it for benefit our clients.

For the operation of cement terminals and grinding plants, what we refine and organize a suitable task force mainly from Turkey including technicians, engineers and managers. As of Feb. 2015, we employ more than 85 experienced technical staff working in Africa not only producing cement for our clients but also training the local colleagues. Our expat staff in Africa is accompanied by more than 200 mostly unskilled local workers.

When a new task force is needed for a new operation, the staff is mostly collected from the plants already under our operation while new comers replace them.

And the new workers are employed for the vacancies in existing old businesses. Accordingly, we give time to new comers to adapt working conditions of our company by employing them in an organized business ongoing already.

We operate the plants 365 days a year and 24 hours a day by the hand of our staff under the supervision of our head office in Ankara, Turkey. While doing this, we are not restricted by providing man power only. Depending on the client’s demands; we could also be responsible of all features of production; like electricity bills, spare parts, oils, consumables, local purchases etc. accompanied by production guarantees.

Our Procedure for Starting an Operation Business

Plant inspection by our technical team, observation of routines
Determination of our scope with client (basic scope profiles)
Our technical offer and approval by client
Our commercial offer and approval by client
Dormant period for visa and work permit formalities of our expat staff
Temporary consultancy by our engineers until visas and work permits are ready
Operation by our professional team composed of mechanical technicians, electrical technicians, operators, supervisors and chief engineers
Regular inspections by owner and our inspector engineers from center office